Prioritize and Manage Security

Synchronize security analysis results with your existing issue tracker.


Atlassian Jira is the most widely known issue tracker and project management tool. It helps teams and organizations to track and manage software development tasks. With our integration, you can easily add new security issues detected by ECG to your Jira bug tracker as tickets. This enables to efficiently track and collaborate on critical software bugs in a single place.

When enabling the Jira integration, a ticket is opened in Jira whenever ECG detects a new security issue in your application. You can configure the severity level to ensure that only important findings are added to your bug tracker. Our Jira plugin enables to manage detected security vulnerabilities right next to all other issues and tasks related to your development project in a single place to smoothen your daily workflow. Managing security issues in your team will be easier and fixes can be coordinated quicker.

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JIRA Integration Preview